The new year allows for endless possibilities and excitement, especially for the team at Vista Tower. This year, our first residents will begin to move into their new homes in the Lakeshore East neighborhood as we near completion of our luxurious, mixed-use property. 

We understand that the moving process can be overwhelming, so we rounded up the latest interior design trends for 2020 to serve as inspiration. Here’s what’s trending: 

  1. Geometric Patterns: 2020 will be all about finding geometric balance in the home. In addition to geometric wall coverings and artwork, interior design trends for 2020 will experiment with geometric-shaped furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures. Incorporating geometric shapes and patterns to your new home will draw in the eye and create an alluring focal point, similar to the undulating glass in Vista’s exterior design.
  2. Sustainable Materials: At a time when sustainable living is so pivotal, society has gravitated towards more eco-friendly lifestyles and biophilic design. In the world of interiors, that involves buying furniture made from local materials that have been sustainably sourced or buying products made from recycled materials. Eco friendly interior design and sustainability is an important principle at Vista Tower, and we are proud to be a targeted LEED Silver Certified.  
  3. Earth Tones: As homeowners look for more ways to unwind after a long and stressful day, velvety earth tones like rich forest greens, taupe, and clay colors will offer a soothing element. These hues not only make an elegant statement of their own, but also work extremely well matched with Vista’s gemstone palettes. 
  4. Velvet: Make a statement in your new home at Vista Tower by adding velvet to the mix. Similar to Vista’s overall aesthetic, this interior design trend for 2020 is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort, giving your home an instant glamorous vibe. Velvet beds and velvet sofas are some of the most covetable ways to bring the look home. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a velvet couch, start off with smaller pieces and accessories like a velvet ottoman or pillow. 

Interested in learning more about making Vista Tower your new home? Connect with us at the Vista Sales Gallery and schedule a tour here with our team.