Photo Courtesy of City of Chicago

Lakeshore East just got a new upgrade! The Navy Pier Flyover is completed and has created a safer walking and biking space along the Lakefront Trail. Just steps away from The St. Regis Chicago, no need to brave the congested intersections along the Lakefront Trail anymore.

The elevated path will make one of the most heavily used portions of the trail safer for pedestrians and bikers as it extends from the Chicago River Bridge to Jane Addams Park. With stairs and ground-level entrance and exit points, all can easily access the trail, as well as safely travel from the south side of the Chicago River to Navy Pier and Jane Addams Park.

The $60 million Flyover trail, which includes structural repairs to the Lake Shore Drive bridge, is now open to pedestrians and bikers who will no longer have to cross two busy roadways. Wondering why it’s called the “Navy Pier Flyover”? The term is a nod to pedestrian’s uninterrupted ability to cross over the Chicago River, DuSable Park, the Ogden Slip, Illinois Street, Grand Avenue, Jane Addams Park, the Ohio Street Tunnel, and have easier access to Navy Pier. To do this any faster, you would literally have to be flying!

Designed and built by the Chicago Department of Transportation, the Navy Pier Flyover will be maintained by the Chicago Park District.

Who’s ready for a walk along the scenic Lakefront Trail with this beautiful and safe addition just steps away from The St. Regis Chicago? To learn more, please visit The Residences at The St. Regis Chicago here.