We are elated to share that East Wacker Drive has reopened! As The St. Regis Chicago, formerly known as Vista Tower, nears completion, access to the area is about to become that much easier. 

Completed in 1926 and named after chairman of the Chicago Plan Commission, Charles Wacker, the original double-decker road was intended to unify the city’s urban design, relieve congestion at River and Rush Street, and increase the city’s physical beautification. It is also the only street in the city that is prefixed with all four cardinal directions. 

Upper Wacker Drive was closed for several years due to the construction of The St. Regis Chicago. Now that most of the construction is completed and residents have started to move in, the traffic pattern on Upper Wacker Drive will partially return to its pre-construction configuration. Portions of the street and sidewalk on Upper Wacker Drive in front of The St. Regis Chicago will be closed and fenced off, but a lane of traffic will be open at all times. 

The south side of Upper Wacker Drive, between North Columbus Drive and the turnaround in front of The St. Regis Chicago will return to a one-way eastbound thoroughfare. The turnaround will connect motorists to a one-way westbound stretch of Upper Wacker Drive.  The “No Left Turn” restriction for westbound motorists at Upper Wacker Drive and Columbus will be removed. Motorists traveling westbound on Upper Wacker Drive will be able to turn southbound onto North Columbus Drive. Westbound motorists are prohibited from making a u-turn at Upper Wacker Drive and Columbus onto Lower Wacker Drive.  

With the streets reopened, Chicagoans and visitors can now enjoy a close look at The St. Regis Chicago luxury high rise. Located at the point where the Chicago River and Lake Michigan meet, the property is conveniently located and accessible to numerous cultural attractions and landmarks.

The reopening of East Wacker Drive marks a momentous milestone in the development of the St. Regis Chicago. The area that has been closed for the past few years due to construction and will now have increased accessibility. 

To learn more about how you can become a resident at Chicago’s best address, please inquire with The Residences at The St. Regis Chicago here.