Photo by The St. Regis

For visitors and residents of the Windy City alike, the Chicago food scene is one of the most lauded in the world. From highly respected Michelin star restaurants to adored Chicago hot dog vendors, the food landscape is varied, unique, and most importantly, tasty. 

For most tourists, when thinking of what food Chicago is known for, although the deep dish pizza is likely the first that springs to mind, there are countless cuisines and foods that the city shines a spotlight on.

The Lakeshore East neighborhood is spoiled for choice when it comes to understanding and embracing the Chicago food scene. Pizza, pasta, seafood, Mexican, Greek, Chinese, French, and all the in between, there are seemingly countless options to explore. 

What’s more, one way to branch out and learn about the culinary landscape that the Windy City has to offer is through the Taste of Chicago. Going strong for more than 40 years, the annual event is held a few minute’s walk from The Residences of St. Regis in Grant Park. It showcases a plethora of different restaurants from around the city, boasting eye-catching booths while filling up patrons’ bellies with unique and diverse bites.

International Foods in Chicago

You don’t need to go far from The Residences of St. Regis to get a delicious taste of what Chicago’s food scene is all about in terms of international foods and cuisines. Although the aforementioned deep dish pizza is the food Chicago is known for, the diversity of international foods in Chicago’s food scene is highlighted at The St. Regis.

At Miru, those dining will experience delicious bites of Japanese flavors come to life. With doors open at 7am for breakfast, diners can have breathtaking views of the city over their morning coffee. Are lunch or dinner better options? Or during those in between hours when you need a quick snack? With an incredible city landscape to absorb, Miru has you covered with delightful dishes for any time of day.

Is Italian more your style? The St. Regis Chicago is your stop for bringing Tuscany to you. Coming soon to the building, Tre Dita, led by Chef Evan Funke, will have the smells of Tuscany wafting through the space while the flavors of Italy come alive in the steakhouse. 

No doubt, anyone who has the pleasure of exploring the Windy City, whether they are a resident or visitor, can enjoy the food Chicago is known for and so much more. Because the downtown area is a global destination, it offers dozens of edible delights every day—all within close proximity of the doors of The Residences of St. Regis.