Vista Tower is abuzz in the architecture, design and real estate industries as it draws closer to completion. This remarkable real estate collaboration would not be praised for its beauty, impressive height and unparalleled design were it not for our innovative partners who we have worked with to ensure every element of our stunning high rise is awe inspiring.

Hear more for why esteemed organizations, such as Snaidero and Kallista, were keen to join our team in bringing Vista Tower to life.

Partner: Snaidero

Having partnered with Magellan Development Group on multiple properties in the Lakeshore East community, it made sense for Snaidero to continue its fruitful relationship with Magellan Development Group on its next collaborative interior design project: Vista Tower.

“After collaborating for nearly 10 years, Snaidero understands Magellan Development Group’s vision for a project and knows what the brand can offer to complement the building”, says Erika Klimenko, Director of Projects at Snaidero. Renowned for luxury, design and innovation, the Italian brand creates products that will fit perfectly into the detailed, thoughtful and collaborative interior design of Vista Tower.

“What makes Vista Tower unique is that Snaidero, for the past two years, has been working closely with Magellan, the architects and designers to really think about the space and how it works within the building,” says Klimenko. “There is not one inch left unthought of.” In comparison to other buildings in Chicago, Vista Tower will be exceptional in its unique use of space.

Partner: Gaggenau

When she first heard about the project several years ago, Anjelica Schuda, Builder Sales Manager for BSH Home Appliances (manufacturer of Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau), knew Vista Tower would be “luxurious, high-quality and prestigious.” Immediately, Schuda believed the project would be “a good fit for the brands I represent, especially Gaggenau, which is ultra-luxurious and very much a premium manufacturer of appliances.”

According to Schuda, Vista Tower is distinguished by its reputation for luxury, price point and location. More importantly, simply the names Magellan Development Group and bKL Architects signal to purchasers that Vista Tower will be an outstanding project.

Partner: Kallista

According to Thom Stephen, Sales Manager of North American Projects for Kallista, Vista Tower is the vanguard for new construction and real estate collaboration. When asked what makes Vista Tower special, Stephen says, “The design aesthetic is world-class. There could not be a better, more high-profile location in the city.” The Tower’s proximity to the riverfront, lakefront, museum campus and shopping contribute to its high-profile location in the city.

Drake Blessum, Sales Executive of Projects and Specifications for Kohler, notes that Magellan Development Group’s dedication to creating a high-end aesthetic aligns perfectly with the brands he represents.

Interested in learning more about Magellan’s upcoming real estate collaborations or how you can become a resident at Vista Tower? and making Vista Tower your new home? Schedule a tour here with our team.