Vista Tower in the News

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Vista Tower has been the talk of the town. Read about what others across Chicago and the architectural community nationwide are saying…

Arch Daily
The world’s most-visited architecture website just released a list of the top 23 buildings to see in Chicago. Vista Tower was ranked number six – read more about the tower and why it will soon surpass the Aqua Tower (ranked number one) here.

Fox Chicago
Vista Tower is ready to change Chicago’s skyline and offer a new perspective on what a super tall skyscraper can be. From discussing eight coveted corner views to Vista’s 83rd blow-through floor, Sally Schulze raves about what to expect from the Vista Tower here.

The New York Times
As the birthplace of the modern skyscraper, Chicago’s architecture remains a point of interest for Chicago residents and tourists. The Chicago Architecture Tour, ranked #1 on TripAdvisor, now finishes its tours with a view of Vista Tower, still under construction but already revealing its undulating shape. Read more about how Vista Tower is the newest attraction in the Chicago Architecture Tour here.

WBEZ Rundown
The development of downtown Chicago luxury condos is continuing to grow; however, it’s Vista Tower that stands out among the rest. From discussing Jeanne Gang’s upbringing, the blow-through floor, and the tower’s breathtaking views, read why Vista Tower is all abuzz here.

Curious to know what architecture critic Blair Kamin has to say about Vista Tower’s sway reduction techniques? Learn more about Vista Tower’s 83rd blow-through floor and the 400,000 gallon tanks of water at the top of the tower here.