Design innovation and collaboration is at the heart of Vista Tower. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at one of the design teams responsible for some of our favorite luxury features in every Vista residence. Here’s our exclusive interview with Hirsch Bedner Associate partner, Kathleen Dauber.

How was designing the residences at Vista different from other projects you’ve worked on?

At HBA, we address each project uniquely; creating a story behind the story, which then informs our design decisions throughout the life of the project. At 101 floors and with awe-inspiring views from each of the units, the interiors were designed to focus the view outwards. 

What was your vision for the space?

For Vista Tower, we were inspired by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang and the faceted building skin, which reminded us of faceted crystals and gems. The beauty found in nature is reflected in crystals, minerals and gems, which led us to the four design schemes for the residence. For the lobbies and the 47th floor, we pulled from the soaring scale of the building to give the interior a grandeur and dramatic sense of scale.

Tell us a little about the four finish packages and the thought behind them.

We developed each scheme to provide a tailored experience of the energy we receive from nature through these specific crystals selected:

  • Sapphire: polished / modern / crisp
  • Amethyst: soothing / romantic / lush
  • Topaz: warm / refreshing / bright
  • Fluorite: sophisticated / timeless / rich

How did your design highlight the unique details of the space?

The interior details of the space are thoughtful but not intrusive. The natural stone wall for the lobbies provide a rich grandeur and the entry portals are framed in a rich wood that layers the space and intuitively directs the resident and guests.

How does the design align with modern trends?

The kitchen and bath designs all have a modern silhouette, featuring the latest in light technology. The materials used are easy to keep clean and maintain. The natural stone counters provide beautifully rich marble patterning on the kitchen island centerpiece. The layouts all have ease of entertaining in mind, featuring an open floor plan with clear sight lines from the dining room to living room and kitchen.

What are some thoughtful details you included in the design?

We included self-closing drawers in the kitchen and bath as well as sophisticated stone walls and counters. We utilized wood floors with tones that reflect the respective unit scheme to anchor the room’s palette, while the clean lined architectural walls and ceiling enhance the view. The open modern kitchen also allows the cook to be part of every occasion.  

What is your favorite aspect of the final design? 

My favorite aspects are the kitchens of each residence as well as the all-encompassing amenity level on the 47th floor, which includes a pool deck, fitness area, theater, exhibition cooking, wine room and more.